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(Sydney only)

We have an instore balloon wall & selection catalogue that's second to none!  Our new website is launching end Aug '20 however in the meantime, check out the catalogues below then order (Sydney only) by calling 02 9906 6135.  We offer pick-up from our Crows Nest store OR delivery to your door.

SO - it ain't the slickest approach, but until our new site launches, click the links below:

"Coloured dot" price guide - CLICK HERE 

Generic Birthday Bouquets - CLICK HERE

Numbers, Milestones & Kids Birthday Bouquets - CLICK HERE

Special Occasion & Sentiment Bouquets - CLICK HERE

Welcome Baby Bouquets - CLICK HERE

Engagement & Wedding Bouquets - CLICK HERE

COLOUR CHART & Plain Latex Bouquets - CLICK HERE

... & there's plenty more we can do too, including licenced bouquets like Paw Patrol, PJ Masks, Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Tank Engine, Tinkerbelle, Frozen, Disney Princesses, Moana, Micky & Minnie Mouse, Harry Potter, Star Wars,  Superheroes (Avengers, Batman, Superman, Spiderman etc.)

Rest assured, we are maintaining the strictest hygiene in preparation of your bouquets. 

  • Q:  Do you rent helium?  A:  No.  We offer full service, instore inflation.  People have died from helium inhalation.  We take this responsibiity very seriously.  Plus, we've ben trained to produce beautiful work for you, saving you time & hassle.
  • Q: But won't my balloons deflate if I pick them up from you before my event?  A: No. Foil balloons generally remain taut & fully inflated for 5 - 7 days & we apply a special coating inside latex balloons as standard which extends their float time to approx. 2-3 days (from the standard 12 - 24 hours), so collecting a day before your event is no problem.
  •  Q:  How many balloons will fit in my car?  A:  Most people can fit at least 50-60 x standard 28cm balloons in an empty vehicle.  We pack all balloons into transport bags for you.  Try & clear out space & bring as few passengers as possible with you for pick-up (preferably none)...
  • Q:  Do you deliver?  A:  Yes, we bought a van, Stan!   Usually, we deliver only for orders of $200 or more.  During the corona crisis however, we're changing our business model entirely - in the short term, call us on 9906 6135 if you need delivery
  • Q:  Will you inflate my own balloons if I bring them in?  A:  Yes, however we will not be liable for their quality & any poppage on inflation must be paid for.  We have a HUGE range instore - why would you buy anywhere else?
  • Q:   How many balloons will I need to cover my ceiling?  A:  Here's a general rule of thumb:
  • It takes x 9 standard 28cm balloons to completely fill a square metre
  • For medium density, opt for x6 balloons per square metre
  • For sparse, opt for x3 balloons per square metre  
  • So all you need to do is multiple the length x width of the space you wish to cover, then multiply by 9, 6 or 3
  • Eg a standard 5 x 4m living area = 20 square metres.  Full density is 20x9=180 balloons;  medium is 20x6 = 120 balloons, & sparse is 20x3 = 60 balloons.  Now you know!
  • Q:  Will you supply helium balloons for a balloon release?  A:  NO.  Releasing any type of lantern or balloon product into the air is littering, plain & simple.   Latex balloons are a natural product, not plastic & they will compost eventually, however this takes time.  There are so many ways to enjoy balloons that are environmentally responsible. We are a member of PEBA - the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance. We will not supply helium balloons for balloon releases. Ever. Nor will any other professional, responsible, ethical balloon business.