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... & we're here for you during this crazy time xx 

We have an instore balloon wall & selection catalogue that's second to none - but Covid-19 changes everything, right?    Check out our catalogues below then order (Sydney only) by calling 02 9906 6135.  We offer , doorstop pick-up from our Crows Nest store OR delivery to your door.

SO - it ain't the slickest approach, but it's the fastest way of getting our balloon catalogue online for you - click the links below:

"Coloured dot" price guide - CLICK HERE 

(pretty clunky, right?!  BUT it works - & we wanted to get this to you guys super quick!) 

Generic Birthday Bouquets - CLICK HERE

Numbers, Milestones & Kids Birthday Bouquets - CLICK HERE

Special Occasion & Sentiment Bouquets - CLICK HERE

Welcome Baby Bouquets - CLICK HERE

Engagement & Wedding Bouquets - CLICK HERE

COLOUR CHART & Plain Latex Bouquets - CLICK HERE

... & there's plenty more we can do too, including licenced bouquets like Paw Patrol, PJ Masks, Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Tank Engine, Tinkerbelle, Frozen, Disney Princesses, Moana, Micky & Minnie Mouse, Harry Potter, Star Wars,  Superheroes (Avengers, Batman, Superman, Spiderman)

Rest assured, we are maintaining the strictest hygiene in preparation of your bouquets. 

  • Q:  Do you rent helium?  A:  No.  We offer full service, instore inflation.  People have died from helium inhalation.  We take this responsibiity very seriously.  Plus, we've ben trained to produce beautiful work for you, saving you time & hassle.
  • Q: But won't my balloons deflate if I pick them up from you before my event?  A: No. Foil balloons generally remain taut & fully inflated for 5 - 7 days & we can apply a special coating inside latex balloons which extends their float time to approx. 3 - 5 days (from the standard 12 - 18 hours), so collecting a day before your event is no problem.
  •  Q:  How many balloons will fit in my car?  A:  Most people can fit at least 20-25 x standard 28cm balloons in an empty vehicle.  We pack all balloons into transport bags for you.  Try & clear out space & bring as few passengers as possible with you for pick-up..
  • Q:  Do you deliver?  A:  Yes, we bought a van, Stan!   Usually, we deliver only for orders of $200 or more.  During the corona crisis however, we're changing our business model entirely - in the short term, call us on 9906 6135 if you need delivery
  • Q:  Will you inflate my own balloons if I bring them in?  A:  Normally, yes.  During corona?  NO.  We do have quite a range to choose from ourselves. Please be aware that as we can't guarantee quality of balloons not purchased from us, any "poppage" on inflation or subsequent deflation is non-refundable.
  • Q:   How many balloons will I need to cover my ceiling?  A:  Here's a general rule of thumb:
  • It takes x 9 standard 28cm balloons to completely fill a square metre
  • For medium density, opt for x6 balloons per square metre
  • For sparse, opt for x3 balloons per square metre  
  • So all you need to do is multiple the length x width of the space you wish to cover, then multiply by 9, 6 or 3
  • Eg a standard 5 x 4m living area = 20 square metres.  Full density is 20x9=180 balloons;  medium is 20x6 = 120 balloons, & sparse is 20x3 = 60 balloons.  Now you know!
  • Q:  Will you supply helium balloons for a balloon release?  A:  NO.  Releasing any type of lantern or balloon product into the air is littering, plain & simple.   Latex balloons are a natural product, not plastic & they will compost eventually, however this takes time.  There are so many ways to enjoy balloons that are environmentally responsible. We are a member of PEBA - the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance. We will not supply helium balloons for balloon releases. Ever. Nor will any other professional, responsible, ethical balloon business.